21 7th Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts, 02740, United States

The Nathan and Mary (Polly) Johnson properties are National Historic Landmarks at 17-19 and 21 Seventh St. They have been restored and the latter now houses the New Bedford Historical Society. 17-19 Seventh St. is the first Quaker meeting house built in New Bedford in 1785, was owned by Charles W. Morgan, who sold it to Nathan Johnson, his handyman, who restructured it completely in 1829 with 12 fireplaced rooms. The two properties are significant for their association with leading members of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts, and as the only known, surviving residences in New Bedford of Frederick Douglass. Nathan and Polly Johnson were free African-Americans who are known to have sheltered escaped slaves using the Underground Railroad from approximately 1830 on. Both were also successful in local business — Nathan (a Quaker) as a caterer and entrepreneur and Polly as a confectioner.”