Eternal Galaxy

American Pale Ale

Eternal Galaxy, an American Pale ale is the latest Moby Dick seasonal offering. American Pale ales brewed on the West Coast are credited with starting America’s love affair with craft beer. This beer is our Eternal August but it is brewed with Australian Galaxy hops. It is a fairly easy drinking ale with a nice balance between the malt of the pale and crystal malts and the stone fruit/citrusy notes of the Galaxy hops. This beer falls somewhere between the Ishm-ale and the Quick Eternity according to traditional beer categories. It is darker in color than the Quick but lighter in color than the Ishm-ale. It is 5.8 % ABV. This beer is very versatile and should pair well with most menu items. It is a great pairing with smoked and grilled meats such as bacon, steak or pork. It would wash down the Nashville Chicken sandwich quite nicely. It goes well with a sharp cheddar and/or a mild bleu cheese


IBU’s |


HOPS | Australian Galaxy
MALTS | Pale and August

Food Pairing

CUISINE | Nashville chicken sandwich, smoked and grilled meats
CHEESE | Creamy rich blue cheese or a sharp cheddar

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