Good Hope

Unfiltered Wheat Ale

Good Hope is the latest Moby Dick seasonal offering. It is a light-to- medium bodied, unfiltered German-style Hefeweizen. Hefeweizens are wheat beers. Hefe means with yeast and Weizen means wheat beer. They are similar to Belgian White Ales, but are not spiced.

They have aromas of clove and banana, though it does not have either clove or banana. These aromas are called esters since they originate from the authentic German Hefeweizen yeast strain. These beers are crisp and refreshing. These beers are still very popular in Bavaria, where they are sometimes served with a lemon.

This beer would make a nice complement to any of our salads. It would also go great with our marinated chicken sandwich, fish and chips, lighter Asian and Mexican dishes and any other lighter fare with citrus flavors.


IBU’s | 15


YEAST | Hefeweizen
HOPS | Magnum
MALTS | Pilsner & Wheat Malt

Food Pairing

CUISINE | Salads, marinated chicken, fish and chips, lighter Asian and Mexican dishes or food with citrus flavors
CHEESE | Monterrey Jack, Queso Blanco

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