Queen Mab

Munich Helles Lager

Queen Mab is a medium bodied, malty, German-style, Munich Helles lager. It is brewed using the finest locally malted German-style specialty malts along with European Hops. It has a golden hue and a nice malty flavor and aroma due to the use of Pilsner, Munich and Vienna malts.

Hallertau Tradition and Magnum hops balance out this crisp, refreshing German-style lager. As far as German golden lagers go, it breaks down like this: Pilsners are hoppy, Munich Helles lagers are malty and Dortmund/Export lagers are well balanced.

This beer goes well with chicken, turkey and pasta as well as fatty flavorful fish like salmon, swordfish or tuna. It is also delicious with a linguica patty or a bratwurst with sauerkraut .


ALCOHOL CONTENT | 5.3% by volume
IBU’s | 18


YEAST | Lager
HOPS | Hallertau Tradition and Magnum
MALTS | Pislner, Vienna and Munich

Food Pairing

CUISINE | Chicken, tureky, pasta, salmon, swordfish, tuna, linguica or bratwurst
CHEESE | Monterrey Jack, Queso Blanco

Moby Dick Brewing Co.

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New Bedford, MA 02740


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