Simple Sailor

American-Style Lager

Simple Sailor is an easy-drinking light-bodied, American-style lager. It is brewed with North American malts and Noble-type hops for a crisp, refreshing taste and clean finish. This is meant for our guest who enjoys America’s most popular beer style. Pairs with chicken and most salads and contrasts well with Asian cuisine.

“No, when I go to sea, I go as a simple sailor, right before the mast, plumb down into the forecastle, aloft there to the royal mast-head. True, they rather order me about some, and make me jump from spar to spar, like a grasshopper in a May meadow. And at first, this sort of thing is unpleasant enough. It touches one’s sense of honour, particularly if you come of an old established family in the land…” Chapter 1, “Loomings”


ALCOHOL CONTENT | 4.0% by volume
ENDING GRAVITY | 2.5° plato
IBU’s | 8


YEAST | Lager
HOPS | Nugget, Saaz
MALTS | 2 row, Carapils

Food Pairing

CUISINE | Thai, Asian, salads, white flaky fish, poultry
CHEESE | Monterrey Jack, Queso Blanco

Moby Dick Brewing Co.

16 S. Water St
New Bedford, MA 02740


Mon-Thurs - 11:30am - 9pm
Fri & Sat - 11:30am - 10:00pm
Sunday - 11:30am - 8pm