Smoked Porter

SSP is the latest Moby Dick dark beer offering. It is a full flavored, medium-to-full bodied Porter with smoked overtones. This beer falls somewhere between a Brown Porter and a Robust Porter as far as traditional beer categories go. It is definitely a malt forward beer with a little hop bitterness that is balanced with a smoky finish. It is almost black but will have ruby overtones if held up to the light. There are flavors of chocolate and smoke due to the specialty malts used in this beer. This beer goes great with smoked and grilled meats such as bacon, steak or pork. It is a great pairing with blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola or Stilton. It is also a great beer to pair with rich chocolate or coffee flavored desserts. By the way, Stubb is the feisty first mate from Cape Cod on the Pequod, who is always smoking a pipe.


IBU’s | 30


HOPS | Nugget
MALTS | Pale, Smoked, Crystal and Chocolate Malts

Food Pairing

CUISINE | Nashville chicken sandwich
CHEESE | Creamy rich blue cheese or a sharp cheddar

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